How to Play Blackjack and Winning Experience

How to play blackjack is certainly no longer strange to gamers in recent times. This is one of the extremely attractive and engaging card games. To play this game, players need not only luck but also a little more acumen from calculation to observation. To help you learn more about this game. Please follow the article with instructions on how to play blackjack in the most detailed and easy-to-understand way at BWINPH.

What is Blackjack?

What is Blackjack?

Blackjack is also known as blackjack. This is a game that originated from abroad. Over the years, this card game has gradually become popular. And is currently extremely popular in large casinos around the world.

This game has been and is being loved by many people around the world. Not only in casinos, but blackjack is also included in the list of hottest games by bookmakers.

Blackjack is a card game similar to Tien Len or Phong, this card game is also played with a deck of 52 cards. It is divided equally among the players. Then the points will be calculated to determine the winner or loser for each participant. The difference of this game is that the score is not allowed to exceed 21 points.

How to Calculate Points in Blackjack

Playing blackjack is not too difficult for participants. It can be simply understood that players only need to draw cards, then calculate points and compare the points with each other and decide to win or lose. However, to be able to play well and win many victories. This requires players to clearly understand the rules, how to calculate points as well as how to play blackjack skillfully.

In all tables, there will be a dealer to deal cards and receive bets from players. The number of players at a table will be limited to no more than 7 participants. The final result when comparing cards will not be allowed to exceed 21 points.

The dealer counts the Ace (A) as 11 points. However, in the case that the player’s cards have a total score of more than 21 points, the A will only be counted as 1 point

Cards from 2 to 10 will keep the same number of points as on the card.

The Ji (J), Quy (Q), Ka (K) cards will be counted equally with a score of 10 points.

To decide the winner of this game. The players will be counted as follows. In the first draw, the player with a total score of 21 will win.

The player will win the dealer when at the end of the game their total score is higher than the dealer’s total score.

In the case when the dealer draws more cards and the score exceeds 21 points, the dealer will be the loser

Basic Instructions on How to Play Blackjack

Basic Instructions on How to Play Blackjack

At the beginning of the game, all participants will place a bet with the dealer. Then the dealer will deal each player 2 cards.

When receiving 2 cards and adding up the total number of 2 cards in their hand. Players will have to calculate and make choices such as:

Stop playing: This is the case used when 2 cards of one of the players have a high score and the possibility of winning the dealer is very high. It can be a maximum score of 21 points.

Draw a card: Used when one of the players feels that their cards are not as expected. They will have the right to order to draw another card to achieve the score they want.

Bet ½: This option is used when the player feels that their cards have a fairly large score. At this time, they will be allowed to order this. However, if they win, they will only receive ½ of the bet amount.

Bet x2: This is the choice of players who are very confident in their cards. However, when betting x2, the player can only draw 1 more card.

The next step is when the player has chosen his betting door. At this time, the dealer starts to flip the cards and calculate the points. The winner of the dealer will have more than 17 points. Because the average score of the dealers is 17 points.

Experience Playing Blackjack Easily Win Big

Experience Playing Blackjack Easily Win Big

Reading up to here, you must have somewhat understood how to play blackjack. However, to be able to win against the house, you also need to have some of the following experiences.

Know how to manage money

Managing capital is extremely important. You must really have the ability to manage your money to have the safest betting plan. Calculate and choose a betting door at the right time.

Use the doubling strategy.

This is a way to bet twice as much as the first time and the following times will double the previous time. This bet will help you increase your capital very quickly with just one win. However, to play this strategy, you need to have a large amount of capital.

Know when to stop and remember the cards

To be able to win the house’s bet. Players need to be smart and know how to stop when their cards are bad. Or only bet ½ when not sure of winning. And bet x2 when the card has a high score. This will ensure the safety of your capital.

By remembering the cards, you will be able to guess the rules of the dealer’s cards. This will help you increase your winning rate greatly.


With the article on how to play blackjack in the most detailed and easy-to-understand way above, we believe that you have a better understanding of how to play as well as gain a lot of experience in this live game. Wish you quickly become a master in casino games at BWINPH.

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